Board members right to explore savings

AASD, what is wrong with trying to save money?

My thanks to the newly elected Altoona Area School Board members who are doing what they were elected by the people to do and are trying to find ways to save the AASD taxpayer money.

I fail to understand why any AASD board member would be opposed to looking further for other bids and at other firms who can do the job at a lower cost. One has to question the my-way-or-the-highway attitude of some board members while other tax-saving alternatives have yet to be investigated.

Having other companies volunteer to give the AASD board free bids on a hugely expensive project is certainly not a bad thing, as some would lead us to believe.

I hope that all the AASD board members will come around to investigating how they can save the people money while still providing adequate education facilities.

Michael Gannon