Activists need to march toward ending abortion

As a conservative, I have to respond to the advocates of the Blair County Women’s March for the rights of women and make America kind again.

Is there any kindness women could support and practice than stopping abortion? Who else but women have the right to murder their own children?

To date, tens of millions of children have been put to death here in America — many more than the six million murdered during the Holocaust during the second World War.

These progressive liberals have come close to destroying America under President Obama and his thugs.

Attacking and weakening our constitution and Bill of Rights, Obama traveled around the world apologizing for America’s greatness and generosity to all the world.

Today, our military is depleted due to Obama and his progressive liberal politics which would have destroyed America and its freedoms we have treasured for more than 200 years.

Thank you, Donald Trump, and your great love for America. Let’s make America great again.

Eugene G. Montgomery