UPMC should address parking

I am writing this to say that UPMC is a big bully.

They are buying properties to make more parking. There’s a big article in the paper about them building another lot and saying how it would help them with parking.

That is so far from the truth. Go on Fifth Street, and you can hardly get down the street because of the hospital employees parking on both sides.

Willow Avenue is the same way. You leave for work, come home and you cannot park near your house because some employee is parked there and sometimes until 9 p.m.

The people at Rite Aid and Wendy’s have hired a guard to stop the parking there.

If you call the police or the head of the hospital, the response is that it’s not their problem.

I think the city needs to get with it and stop this problem.

The home owners and taxpayers are suffering from it.

Chuck Kanouff