No reason to give AASD super a raise

I read in the Mirror (Oct. 12) that the Altoona Area School Board voted to give its superintendent a raise. Not only was he given a raise but a $3,340 raise in one year.


It was also reported in the Mirror that every taxpayer is going to see an extra $70 added to their taxes.

The superintendent knew what he was signing up for, and he knew the salary.

The school board says the superintendent is doing a good job and this is why he deserves a raise. I dispute this thinking.

If the taxpayers’ taxes must be raised for this $88 million school, then he is not doing a good job.

A good job only comes if you can figure a way to build without higher taxes. The way it is now, all but one school director should be ashamed, along with superintendent Prijatelj, for taking the raise and the school board for offering it.

By the way, a big thank you to Sharon Bream for having the guts to vote no. I like her way of thinking. She is the only one looking out for taxpayers.

Taxpayers have had enough of the AASD school board and its poor decisions.

Helen Brennan