Lower school taxes have some benefits

Can you imagine our local school system with a lower school tax? I know what you’re thinking: It’s hard to believe.

But whether you care or not, lowering school tax has benefits.

Here are a few:

One problem is stress. A parent might worry about his or her financial state and become stressed.

After seeing their stressed-out parents, children might also become stressed, which may lead to sleeping problems, lower grades or even suicide.

With lowered school tax, families would not need to lean on benefit systems or school loans.

School loans often result in debt, which is hard to get rid of. Money that is saved could be used to get children into college without the loans that will make life harder.

Now that you have heard the basic advantages to lower school tax, I encourage you to put government money into better programs, lower stress, and do what is right for our people and community.

Brian Somers