Commissioners lead us down wrong road

It seems that whatever our illustrious county commissioners want, they are going to get.

After Judge Elizabeth Doyle threw out the lawsuit attempting to overturn the property reassessment, which puts the people who are on a fixed income in financial woe, it seems that she and the commissioners, led by Terry Tomassetti, are just like the people that have been elected to lead our country.

They passed a tax package, which is still favoring the rich/well-to-do people in this country, and Tomassetti and company have passed a 25 percent raise in property taxes, after a reassessment that should have been done years ago and in stages, which is doing the same here in Blair County.

This raise in taxes seems to favor the rich/well-to-do/big business owners in the county because they are the only ones who won’t have to give up something that they really need.

You know, the essentials like food, medicine, their homes that they have lived in for so long. The commissioners need to think a bit more before they decide to spend the money on and then stick it to the taxpayers.

Tomassetti is an attorney and probably is well-paid in that capacity, which probably ensures that he is very well able to pay the taxes that he expects the people on fixed income to pay.

Another thing, I wonder: If I try to sell my house for what it was reassessed at and can’t get anywhere near that figure, would I be able to bring a lawsuit to the commissioners to collect the balance of what I couldn’t get?

I say this because my home was assessed at approximately twice the value of what I know that I could get for it in the real estate market.

William Harber