America’s gun laws lack common sense

Another day in America, another mass shooting which takes the lives of our fellow innocent citizens.

Republican leaders shout “thoughts and prayers,” even though praying is exactly what the congregation of Sutherland Springs, Texas, was doing when they were horrifically massacred by bullets.

It is high time for our elected officials to start worrying less about NRA campaign donations and focus on stopping the next Orlando, Aurora, Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs before it becomes Altoona or State College.

If you want to fire off a mass-casualty weapon, then go join the military on a battlefield. There is no place in America for militaristic arsenals to be stashed in our backyards.

The Second Amendment was written more than 200 years ago with muskets in mind, not AR-15s.

Take founding father Thomas Jefferson’s own words: “Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind.”

We cannot afford to continue living in the past, or for that matter, the present.

The United States must join many other civilized nations and implement common sense gun control from coast to coast.

Our lives depend on it.

Jay Reeves