We need to be less tolerant of addiction

Is addiction a disease or not? Is it contagious? Can you catch it from someone else or did you decide to become a dope addict by yourself? Are you someone who cannot face life without a hit?

This is just another story made up by the medical profession and many others who refuse to face the truth that, if you are an addict, it is easy to get that monthly check from SSI or SSDI or welfare.

This is one of the reasons given by our governor to combat this so-called disease. Here is what he needs to do — have a three strikes and you’re out rule.

He needs to go not to the addict but to the dealers. Two strikes makes you aware of what can happen; on the third one, you get the death penalty.

The methadone clinics are not working, and neither is further education. Someday, a crazy addict may affect your way of life or kill someone who is close to you.

Joe Brubaker Sr.