Stop pretending guns will make us safer

Gun control opponents should stop pretending that guns make us safer.

If this was true, the United States, which has more guns per capita than any other nation on earth, would be the safest nation in the world.

This is clearly not the case.

Plus, the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence indicates that where there are more guns, there are more violent deaths.

They also need to stop pretending that gun control legislation will not work. The experience of literally every other advanced democracy on the planet shows gun control laws do not create a situation in which only the criminals are running around with guns and the rest of society is defenseless against them.

On the contrary, Western Europe and Canada consistently have substantially lower homicide rates than the U.S. despite having similar overall violent crime rates.

Instead of trying to convince everyone that guns make us safer, opponents of gun control should just be honest and admit that they enjoy the power, thrill, or rush they experience from holding a gun more than they care about the thousands of lives that could be saved with common sense regulations.

Ross Kleinstuber