PSU wasn’t duped, the victims were

I am writing in response to your op-ed, “Sandusky nightmare never ends,” republished in my local newspaper, the St. Marys Daily Press.

I take exception to the article’s contribution to the propaganda machine that media and corporate supporters of the university have built to deflect blame from the real perpetrators in the Penn State sexual abuse atrocities.

While the piece was rife with deceptive blame-passing, I’ll make my point with the most outlandish examples. “…bewilderment will remain,” the op-ed stated, “about how a university with such a solid reputation, and with leadership so strong and capable — leadership with such a dynamic and futuristic vision — could be duped into becoming victimized by a serial pedophile for more than a decade.”

Victimized? Duped? Spare me.

Innocent children were the victims, duped by a state-related university that turned a blind eye to at least three years of the worst kind of abuse those most precious people could have endured.

The article goes on to complain “how badly the university has been hurt by this sexual predator.”

No — children were hurt by a sexual predator, one who was enabled by a university’s crimes of omission and commission. I would have your newspaper break from drinking of the blue and white Kool-Aid and set the record straight, not mislead.

Sadly, the op-ed goes on even to bemoan financial loss to the university, putting this at the hands of Sandusky, when in fact, the judgement of courts and investigators cite greed behind years of hush-hush — ironically to protect some purported creed of “honor.”

And this under leaders “strong and capable.”

The university’s very president was convicted of child endangerment, for God’s sake.

Misinformation disguised as common knowledge in analyses and op-ed pieces dealing with the Penn State sexual abuse atrocities has wheedled its way into the minds of people all across our commonwealth.

Lately, for example, I am fed up hearing the misdirected blame from volunteers and employees asked to furnish, under new laws, child abuse clearances: “It’s all Sandusky’s fault.”

Correction, folks, it’s Penn State’s fault. But how convenient for the university that star-struck media outlets are helping it pass the buck after it allowed a monster to carouse in its halls.

P.J. Piccirillo