New Altoona leaders must embrace future

My hopes with the new batch of representatives for our Blair County area is they will focus on what best meets the needs of our children and future.

If we do not build a new high school, we are guaranteeing that many people will not come to Altoona or will look to private schools for their children.

We will lose our youth as having a depressed school depresses the city. It discourages growth and lifting up of our citizens. If we do not care for our citizens at this basic level, what does that say about our priorities?

I’m disappointed at how the election went, but I’m hoping the new leadership will think of the present and future as ways that are beneficial and uplifting.

We can look at Hollidaysburg and how the schools look there and compare them to ours. What can we do to lift up our population and give them an edge?

How do we make Altoona a place that is attractive?

How do we lift up our next generation and give them support, and by this support, keep Altoona fresh and growing?

We need to get rid of the mentality penny-wise, pound-foolish.

If you do feel that the high school needs to be fixed up and not be rebuilt, I suggest becoming a volunteer there and spending a few days a week walking with the students.

Emily Dimov-Gottshall