More than NFL players disrespect the anthem

NFL players not standing for our national anthem is appalling.

They have other ways to protest. It especially upsets present and former members of the military.

The number one person showing disrespect is Donald Trump. He hid behind his father’s money and influence, to keep from serving in the military. He then disgraced all POWs and their family members by saying he did not like people who were captured.

Trump will not utter one word about Russia or Vladimir Putin, our number one world enemy. But he will insult our friends and allies.

He wants to control the news media as Putin does in Russia and Kim Jong Un does in North Korea. He also wants to personally control the Justice Department and the FBI.

No true patriot does any of these things.

Trump supporters and others have no courage to point out who else disrespects the flag, country and military.

At NFL and major league baseball games thousands do not sing the anthem or look at the flag; talking is more important. Many do not put their hands over their hearts; taking photos is more important.

Fans do not have the decency to wait until the anthem is over before they start cheering.

When are all of you and Trump going to condemn these people? Maybe fans are on a higher level than NFL players.

Real American patriots will do everything they can to honor the flag, country and military — which includes pointing out those who do not publicly.

How many of you do that?

Dennis C. Shore