Letter to the editor

Eichelberger, McGinnis show lack of vision

I have read with utter disdain the position that Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr. and Rep. John McGinnis have taken concerning the possibility of having a casino built in Altoona or the surrounding area.

Eichelberger was quoted as saying “I don’t think it is good for our society.”

What part of a casino is not good for our society? Is it the creation of numerous jobs that pay family-sustaining wages?

Could it be the influx of tourism dollars that a casino would bring in from people who would visit our fair city? Or perhaps the additional tax revenue that would be created as a result?

Will we see a casino in our future? Probably not.

Neither McGinnis nor Eichelberger have shown much interest in improving the economic condition in Blair County.

Eichelberger is far too busy trying to dismantle public education so that his contributors can benefit financially from privatizing education, and McGinnis spends his days running around like Chicken Little, crying that the sky is falling due to the pension system.

No, Sen. Eichelberger, the expansion of gambling may not be the solution to our financial problems, but it is a step in the right direction — as would be the reduction of the size of our state Legislature.

I know of two positions that could be eliminated that may be an improvement for Blair County.

Sam Solomon