Farrell passed on an admirable legacy

Like many in Altoona, we purchased our original televisions from Al Farrell, with Farrell’s TV.

We are fortunate that Farrell became a long-time friend of ours. Over time, we met his granddaughter, Meghan, and have known her and her family for many years.

We have found that Meghan has the same qualities that many of us admired in Al: hardworking, a generous spirit, kindness, the ability to relate to others from any walk of life and sound judgment.

We ask those who live in the city of Altoona, Wards 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12, to join us in voting for Meghan Farrell Irwin, the most qualified candidate to succeed Magisterial District Judge Todd F. Kelly.

Lenny and Frankie Fiore