Enabling pipelines shows a disregard for future

The complacency of the public and enabling behaviors of elected officials toward the building of the Mariner East II Pipelines, gas powered electricity generation stations with subsequent dependency and enhanced addiction on fossil fuels, is a continuation of violating creation.

Justifying such, because of jobs to feed an economy that exploits people and the environment, regardless of the harmful consequences, is nothing less than the misuse of trust and power of Catholic Church hierarchy, Cambria County officials, Penn State leaders who used positions of authority and turned their backs to protect falsehoods and self serving interests found in the fame, glory and financial rewards in religions and the football industry, regardless of consequential harm to others.

The public and elected officials are currently in a similar situation because of the comforts pleasures, conveniences and financial rewards historically provided by the coal and other fossil fuel industries.

But now that we know the damaging consequences to the planet through pollution of the air, water and land, will we choose to use every opportunity to “rise above” these earthly and destructive human activities for the sake of our grandchildren and future generations?

Or on judgment day and in history be remembered in shame because of self serving interests, irresponsibility, complacency and doing nothing?

There are options for building healthy lifestyles and communities opposed to industrial produced illnesses.

Take this letter to local, county, state and national elected officials. Tell them you care about future generations.

Etta Albright