Eminent domain should be concern

Gypsy moths and Penelec Forestry Department have a lot in common.

Neither can tell the difference between maple trees, Rose of Sharon or raspberry bushes or the difference from 10 feet to 50 feet, and neither really care.

One does it because it is hungry, the others because it is their right-of-way or as the government calls it, eminent domain, which means we are going to take your land and make a rich person richer.

So after Penelec defoliages your land, along comes their minion Penn-line and sprays their poison to turn green foliage into a brown wasteland, without telling the landowner.

So if you see a person on your property with a clipboard and pen in hand, either the county commissioners need more money to pay for another unexpected surprise problem at the historical courthouse or Penelec is coming to turn your property into half trees or V-shaped trees.

If Penelec cuts down my trees, do my property taxes go down?

Frank Hunter