Chief of staff should separate from Trump

There were four U.S. soldiers killed in Niger, but thanks to President Donald Trump, who has succeeded once again in muddying the waters, only one of the soldiers was in the news and for all the wrong reasons.

This is an absolute disgrace.

Four soldiers lost their lives in the service of this great country — La David Johnson, Dustin Wright, Bryan Black and Jeremiah Johnson. It has been reported that Trump called the families of the remaining three soldiers but nothing has been said about those conversations.

Many are comparing this tragedy to what happened in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton faced how many senate inquiries related to that event, and she wasn’t even the president.

Trump won’t even talk about Niger. He has repeatedly steered away from anything having to do with that tragic event and instead has made himself the center of everything else.

And now the GOP wants to start another investigation into Clinton and yet another into the Obama era uranium deal, mainly to divert all the attention away from Trump, Russia and Niger.

No one has said where General Kelly got the information regarding Frederica Wilson, and evidently without fact-checking, he proceeded to disrespect this long-time Florida congresswoman with his lies.

Despite being a four-star general, Kelly’s stellar reputation has been forever tarnished by the Trump administration.

He should resign from his position as chief of staff, distance himself as far as possible from Trump and try to rebuild his legacy.

Elizabeth K. Shade