Trump’s mission is fueling hatred

All of the editorials about football players disrespecting our flag are missing the point.

Colin Kaepernick’s reason for kneeling was to protest against racial injustice in our country. How others wish to interpret his actions does not change that fact.

Now suddenly, because of our less than illustrious president, everyone kneeling is disrespecting our flag, our country, our soldiers. This is not what this is about.

Since Donald Trump opened his mouth, even more players and their coaches are kneeling. This is not a sign of disrespect toward the flag. The players and coaches are kneeling as a united front against Trump. Just because he wants to put his own slant on what motivated Kaepernick and others, the fact remains that it is about racial inequality.

Trump can lie all he wants. He certainly is good at it. While he is busy tweeting about the NFL, people are dying in Puerto Rico. Trump insists things are going really well there. Another lie.

There is so much judgmental hate and prejudice in this country, and it is exacerbated practically every time Trump opens his mouth. It makes my heart hurt to see how divisive his actions are.

All of these people who now claim to hate football, hate the sport, hate the players, hate the coaches — is there anyone they don’t hate? Oh, wait, they probably don’t hate Donald Trump. Mission accomplished.

As for the Steelers, what if we were to find out that all the players and coaches stood in the locker room with their hands on their hearts during the national anthem. Would that satisfy their critics? When you are watching a game on TV in your home, do you stand during the national anthem? Probably not.

As far as kneeling during the national anthem, in a Catholic Church, people kneel throughout the Mass. Should we also take this as a sign of disrespect? Disrespect for who? The church? The priest? The Mass?

It’s all subjective.

Elizabeth K. Shade