Shuster’s constituents deserve discussion

Congressman Bill Shuster recently advocated in the Mirror for President Trump and Congressional Republican’s “pro-growth” tax reform plan.

Indivisible Blair County agrees with Shuster’s interest in simplifying the tax code and decreasing the tax burden for small business.

However, the proposal, as written, will also likely provide a huge tax cut for the very rich (those making over $1 million per year), not for middle- and working-class Americans nor small-business owners.

Additionally, it may lead to cuts to vitally important social programs: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and SNAP.

According to congressional officials, the tax cuts would also cause a huge deficit increase, estimated at $1.5 trillion over 10 years, and will result in less money available to invest in the future of our country.

For too long, our nation’s leaders have saddled the nation with crippling debt and passed the bill to future generations. We cannot ask our children and grandchildren to pay for a huge tax cut for today’s millionaires and billionaires.

Shuster’s constituents deserve to have a discussion with the congressman about the proposed tax reform plan and how it would specifically affect our community. With an increased deficit, how does the congressman foresee investing in our infrastructure and schools?

We fear we will not get any answers to these questions because Shuster and other politicians (in both parties) are financially supported by large corporations and multimillionaires that stand to benefit from passing this tax reform bill via the lobby system.

We need to stand together to demand tax reform for the middle- and working-class and small business without windfalls for the rich or deep cuts to effective programs.

DeAnna McAleer


Steering Committee member

Indivisible Blair County