Prijatelj shouldn’t minimize increase

Altoona Area School District Charles Prijatelj needs to stop minimizing what this tax burden means.

It is no wonder Prijatelj continues to stress that an increase in taxes every year over the next

10 years is no big deal.

His $170,340 salary is a lot more than the median income of most of the residents of Altoona which is around $37,000.

Unfortunately, for most residents, their salary increases will not keep pace with these amounts of tax increases proposed by the school board to build a new high school.

The school board needs to understand we would love to build a new school, but many of us have learned that we need to live within our means and the board needs to do the same.

This is a small city in the northeast and the population is not going to increase anytime soon. The district will also most likely continue to see declining numbers in enrollment.

This isn’t going to change because you are offering a new school.

If the board would have allowed the referendum vote on building the high school they most likely would have lost their bid to move forward.

Unfortunately, they decided not to allow the vote, thus allowing them to continue moving forward with something that is not in the favor of most of the residents of Altoona.

We pay your salary, Dr. Prijatelj, and you should do what is right for the majority of the residents. Focus on solving the elementary education space crisis (created by bad decisions previously made) and make the needed repairs to the existing high school and do it in a way that doesn’t heap this ten plus year tax burden on the backs of the good citizens of this fine city.

Residents, please do your research and vote for the right members of our school board in the upcoming election.

Cynthia Beauchamp