Global warming is alive and well

John Stossel’s recent article about global warming is full of misinformation.

First, he is not a scientist, just a BA. He references only one scientist, Roy Spencer, an advocate of intelligent design, a pseudoscience.

NASA’s website supports human-induced global warming and lists the 18 major scientific organizations that do, also. Skeptical Science reports 97 percent of all scientists do support global warming, and has a graph, compiled from tidal gauges and satellite altimeter readings showing the increase in sea levels since 1870, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and rising dramatically since 1940.

Stossel says that sea levels have risen only one inch and does not give a source for this information. Skeptical Science also lists not only the major science academies in this country, but also in 80 other countries that support global warming.

The website QUARTZ has an article from The Journal of Applied Climatology reporting that Catharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech and a team of researchers looked into the claims of the other 3 percent of scientists and found that in every case, the 3 percent had errors in methodology or assumptions that, when corrected, supported global warming.

Stossel further goes on to rue the government subsides for solar energy and electric cars and points out that most of our energy comes from fossil fuels.

What he leaves out is the huge subsidies that fossil fuel companies get from our government and the fact that other countries, such as Germany and Holland, are now getting 85 percent of their energy from renewable sources.

Frankly, John Stossel, I would rather get my science information from reliable sources, such as The Union of Concerned Scientists, The American Meteorological Society, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking.

Frances Hugg