Elect Kagarise among state judges

On Nov. 7, Pennsylvania voters will select seven new statewide judges, almost a quarter of our entire judiciary.

Four of these positions are on the Superior Court, the busiest court in the nation, hearing over 3,000 civil and criminal cases every year.

It is critical that we elect qualified, independent and experienced judges who will respect their limited constitutional role, not legislate from the bench and issue fair and objective decisions on our appellate courts.

I believe our Republican judicial candidates, including Blair County native Judge Wade Kagarise, are the best individuals for these positions. It has been 88 years since Blair County had a candidate for state judge on the ballot.

I think it’s time we elect a fair, qualified Blair Countian to the state court.

I ask you also to vote yes to retain Justice Thomas Saylor to the Supreme Court and Judge Jacqueline Shogun to the Superior Court.

Lois Kaneshiki

Blair Township