Don’t underestimate importance of voting

On Nov. 7, there will be a general election in Pennsylvania.

Since there are no national candidates running in this “off year,” the voter turnout is typically low with about two-thirds or more of the registered voters not participating.

Central Pennsylvania is a significant voting block.

The liberal Democrat candidates receive a large majority of the vote from the Philadelphia area. When the turnout in our area is good, such as it was in last year’s general election (70 to 80 percent), our voters did determine the winners in the nationwide and statewide contests.

In the upcoming election, there are seven open judgeship seats on the high courts, and two Republican judges up for retention. One of the candidates for the Superior Court is local, Wade Kagarise, from Blair County.

The turnout in our area is critical and will be a major factor in this election.

William J. Kirsch

Roaring Spring