Statue of Lee should stay up

I do not agree with tearing down the statue of Robert E. Lee.

He was one of the best generals — if not the best — to come out of West Point. He proved that to us time and time again in the first two years of the war.

Did someone on our side see this? They sure did because we tried to get him to run our army, but he said he would fight with Virginia, his home state.

He was a quiet man, not given to splendor and ceremony like one of ours who was in the Second World War.

I shall return, and he left behind the real hero, Jonathan Wainwright, of that campaign. He talked about Wainwright because he surrendered, but Wainwright surrendered to save as many lives as he could.

If you think that this general was humble, who can forget what he said when he stepped into the water and said, “Now they will know I cannot walk on water.”

Joe Brubaker