NFL’s disrespect marks ‘last straw’

Thank you NFL and, at last, the Pittsburgh Steelers for an excuse — the final straw — to be done with you.

For the past decade or more I’ve grown bothered by professional football. It’s surely not the football I grew up with.

Actually, professional football may not even be a sport anymore. Like professional wrestling, pro football is only Hollywood style entertainment.

I’ll scratch the surface.

It has done and is doing everything in its power to take the impact out of a contact sport, all in the name of reducing injury to its multimillion-dollar players. For the last decade or two, the NFL has excused or at least ignored the bad behavior and criminal activities of the players.

And now, the final straw, the players collectively disrespected our flag, our nation and everything it stands for.

I am a middle-class American who has worked multiple jobs at a time in order to raise my family as middle class. I have served my country — the same country that has allowed me to experience my little piece of the American Dream through many years of long hours and hard work.

I’ve always had a love of contact sports, both as a player and spectator — especially football. Football is an escape for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Free from all the socially-charged madness that encroach our daily lives (street, neighborhoods, schools, news, TV, even Hollywood). Heck, I’d gladly play football for the salary I earn now.

If the NFL and its players want to influence social injustice, I invite them to give up their salaries and donate to social injustice programs.

Football and sports in general should be no place to push a political agenda. We do not want players taking a knee for us. Just play football.

Sorry, but turning it off, not buying its products or game tickets is the best I can do.

I have to work, raise a family and already have a preacher on Sunday. I just don’t seem to find the free time to gather for a protest and destroy other people’s stuff.

John Roefaro