Letters to the Editor

Stars and horses made good memories

Just a memory aid for my fellow 1950s’ and 1960s’ want-to-be-cowboys and cowgirls.

How many remember these old-time western stars and their faithful horses?

Roy Rogers and Trigger, Gene Autry and Champion, William Boyd and Topper, Bill Elliot and Thunder, Allan Lane and Black Jack, Rex Allen and Koko, Eddie Dean and White Cloud, Tim Holt and Steel, Lash LaRue and Black Diamond, Dale Evans and Buttermilk, Johnny West and Flame.

Seems like those were much more grounded days filled with simple thoughts and aspirations.

But we were and still are blessed to be in America.

Happy trails.

James E. Schoenfelder


Making America great — for whom?

Many of us forgot to ask for whom Donald Trump would make America great.

Given that his administration is considering cutting

$600 billion from Medicare and $1.5 trillion from Medicaid to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, I believe America will be great only for the richest Americans.

For the rest of us, overtime pay may be eliminated for salaried employees, and there will be no rise in minimum wage.

Andrew Puzder, Trump’s Secretary of Labor, like all the rest of his cabinet, is a billionaire.

Puzder himself has been investigated for not paying workers’ wages, not allowing sick leave, ignoring worker safety regulations and opposing raising the minimum wage.

Is this the America we want?

Sandra Folzer