Jabs at president cross the line

I agreed with the Aug. 22 letter from Marsha Hunter on what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, until she said, “If you believe both sides were at fault, then you are pro-Nazi.”

That is a ridiculous statement.

I can only give it the eye test, but what I saw on television were people wearing helmets and bandanas, hitting each other with clubs. It looked to me like many of them came there expressly to fight.

You don’t carry clubs and wear helmets to a peaceful demonstration.

I don’t know what news outlet I was watching, but I know what I saw.

For the writer to compare our president to Adolf Hitler is absurd. The last I checked, our president still supports our right to bear arms. One of the first things Hitler did was to disarm Germany.

She stated that “the president is trying to get you to blame all your problems on one race or group of people,” and that we can stop him if we would “be a Christian.”

First, I have never heard the president say that, nor do I know any hardworking person who blames all their problems on any particular group of people.

And secondly, as a Christian I agree that genuine Christians are against racism. But just because you are against racism does not mean you are a Christian.

Being a Christian has absolutely nothing to do with where you stand politically, either to the right, or the left.

None of it looked very “Christian” that day in Charlottesville.

Pastor John Leatherman