Credit Trump for accomplishments

Last week two different letters appeared in the Mirror — one from a person calling the president a neo-Nazi, the other calling him a terrorist.

The writers of those letters are clearly watching fake news channels. And the one letter said that we need to quit watching Fox News. Why would I want to quit watching the only news channel that gives us the truth?

President Donald Trump speaks from the heart, and I think that is refreshing. He can’t be bought or told what to do by wealthy, jealous celebrities or anybody else.

Look at all he has accomplished since he has been in office. But you probably don’t know what he has done if you are watching fake news, because they’re not going to tell you. They are too busy trying to get him impeached and telling us lies and twisting everything he says.

One of these letters compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler, which is just idiocy. Did you know the first thing Hitler did was disarm the people. What political party does that sound like?

And this Christmas, when someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, you can now look at them and say “Merry Christmas” because Trump gave us back that right without feeling that you’re offending someone.

And one more thing: If Sharia Law ever comes to your community, you will be begging Trump to save this country because he is a leader and a fighter.

Tracy Servello