Superior Court needs Kagarise

I am writing this letter in support of Judge Wade A. Kagarise, a true constitutional conservative for Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Kagarise is currently a judge of Blair County Court of Common Pleas, taking office in January 2014. Prior to that, Kagarise was an assistant district attorney for Blair County from 1998-2005, chief deputy district attorney from 2006-13 and an attorney in Blair County from 2001-13. Judge Kagarise is also a U.S. Army infantry veteran serving from 1990-96.

I have known Kagarise since I joined the Blair County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy in December 2010.

I have witnessed him in court numerous times and found him to be very meticulous and extremely professional. He never jeopardizes his honesty, integrity or credibility for any reason.

I have since retired from the sheriff’s department; however, I want all of you to know that Judge Kagarise is the individual that we need on our Superior Court.

If you wish to know more about Judge Kagarise, please go online to: or on Facebook: “Kagarise For Superior Court.”

Timothy Teltow