Strike up the band for Old Canal Inn

I think Hollidaysburg’s Borough Council should reconsider its decision not to allow outdoor music at the Old Canal Inn.

As an area parent and community member, this decision concerns me for a few reasons.

First, there are very few regular (weekly) events held in this area that expose youth to live music in the small, well controlled and relaxed atmosphere that this venue allowed.

My children request to attend these events on a regular basis, and I was happy to take them for many reasons.

Second, as a community member whose plan is to reside in this area for the remainder of my life, it concerns me when efforts like this get shut down because there is very little draw in our area for young families.

Third, compromise is necessary. With all due respect to the members of the council, this feels more like a special interest decision rather than a decision stemming from a noise violation and/or PLCB restrictions.

My request, as a community member, would be to have this decision reconsidered or at minimum this instance be a spearhead for compromise when this type of scenario plays out again.

Rob Gray