Mental health care cannot be optional

Any health care plan that does not include mental health coverage is unacceptable.

Recently, a health care plan known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act was attempted to be passed that made mental health care coverage optional, including health-sustaining treatments such as prescription drugs and inpatient psychiatric care.

Making mental health coverage optional causes otherwise functional members of society to be so sick that they are stuck in the back of a police car for abnormal behavior.

People with biochemical illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder depend upon medications in order to be productive members of society.

Canceling mental health coverage for mental health coverage for medicaid recipients not only causes a social problem, it is also cruel.

It causes me to ask if is this America we live in or some third world country.

While it is true that there are abuses in the welfare system, including with mental health coverage, the answer is not to deny millions of Americans the health care coverage they desperately need to function normally in society.

When I was in grade school the entire class was often punished for the bad behavior of one or two students.

The teachers’ philosophy to rationalize these punishments was that “one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.” It seems that the government has the same idea these days.

We have people who fake mental illness in order to get public benefits and who abuse the mental health system, so they want to punish everyone.

Karen M. Mandrick