Letters to the Editor

You’re with us or against us

Last week, I attended a vigil for the Charlottesville police officers and Heather Heyer.

As I sat in the church sanctuary with a hundred or more others, I was struck by how reminiscent it was of a vigil that I attended after 9/11.

In both cases, our nation was attacked because of who we are and the values that we hold dear.

After 9/11, our country declared war on extremists who would do us harm. So must we today.

This time, we were not attacked from foreign soil but from within. To draw from President George Bush, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

That includes Donald Trump.

Thomas McCaffrey


Police should target tailgating

It is commendable that the media is addressing aggressive driving, DUI, driving while texting/using the cellphone, etc.

More stress should be placed upon tailgating, however. This unsafe practice appears to be too common.

I suggest public service announcements and stressing courteous driving in drivers’ education classes.

Does the tailgater think that the extra foot or two will get him to his destination any quicker?

Joseph Lechman