Hollidaysburg decision unfair

I am writing in regard to the recent denial for the Old Canal Inn to hold outdoor summer concerts. I attended an event this summer, and it was a very nice, family-oriented evening.

My daughter and her friends were able to play outdoor games while the rest of my family enjoyed outdoor music that was not so loud that you could not carry on a conversation.

My family and I dined in the restaurant while the band began to play, and the music was unable to be heard in the dining area. The music is played from a room inside the establishment, which dampers it.

Shortly thereafter, we went to the back of the establishment and sat at a nice pavilion on a picnic table. We were able to order food and drinks as we wished while the children enjoyed throwing balls and playing horseshoes. It was nice to be able to sit, listen to music and enjoy conversation without music blaring like it does at other outdoor events that the community holds.

I have also been to events at the Legion Park and at the Diamond on Allegheny Street where the music is so loud that you cannot even hear to be able to hold a conversation with another person. There are many residences on Allegheny Street as most businesses have apartments on the upper floors, so I would think this would be more of a disturbance than the music played behind the Old Canal Inn.

I am uncertain how noise could be the issue as there are no residences behind the establishment and the music was just loud enough to hear, yet not so loud that you could not carry on a conversation. Everyone was friendly and well-behaved so there was no need for any police intervention. I would assume that more police intervention would be needed if people did not have a family-oriented, fun event to attend. I question what the difference would be for police needing to respond to this event versus any other event at a bar, wing fest, football game or downtown concert.

I think that it is a disgrace that the council members of Hollidaysburg would deny a family that has contributed so much to the growth of this community for so many years the ability to hold an event that gives the community an opportunity to attend a fun, family-oriented event. I challenge you, the council, to provide facts and statistics to back up the few reasons that you have given as to why these events should not continue because from what I see now, there is no legitimate rationale. This leads me to believe that the only reason the council is denying the request is because it offers nothing to benefit them. I do not understand why people who try to do good for the community are being punished. I hope that your decision to prohibit the Old Canal Inn from hosting an event with outdoor music will also prohibit other events like the ones held downtown from having outdoor music as I am certain they are more disturbing to the residents than what it would be at the Old Canal Inn.

Brenda Carles