Stop hate byspeaking out’

In Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-Nazis showed up with rifles and guns, wearing camouflage and pelted counterprotesters with water bottles, chemicals, tear gas and rocks.

The counterprotesters prayed in a church, and the church was surrounded by neo-Nazis carrying torches. This protest was not about removing a statue. This was about racial intimidation.

Whites who were part of the counterprotesters were called traitors to their race. Neo-Nazi slogans were shouted by the protesters.

If you believe both sides were at fault, then you are pro-Nazi. You need to quit watching Fox News and get your news from a source that is fact based and not opinion.

The president is trying to get you to blame all your problems on one race or group of people, and that is exactly what Adolf Hitler was successful in accomplishing. Don’t let the president do the same thing. Be a Christian. Stop hate by speaking out against it. Your silence or saying “both sides are at fault” is giving approval to these neo-Nazi monsters.

Marsha Hunter