Young writer is right about social media

After reading 14-year-old Mychenze Alberts’ letter to the editor on June 24 (“Social media leading youth on downhill spiral”), I was struck with the degree of her perception on a topic I had just published a book on.

Part of my book introduction is apropos to her concerns with regard to the effect social media has had on her life as well as others of her age.

As many adults of my generation, I have become increasingly concerned with the effect our new technological world is having on the children.

In many ways, it seems a new reality is immobilizing them and changing their perception of another world I know existed.

It is my hope that “the other world I have written about here and present to you the reader will engage your mind, and heart with interesting characters actively engaged in that world, a world where children were inventive, solved problems and learned about life by interacting directly with each other.”

I have seen the effect of social media on my own grandchildren and would urge that parents join Mychenze in her effort to change these effects.

Spending time in nature with your children may not change the world, but it can be a start.

Robert Bollinger, Altoona