Too much hatred fueling our country

Hatred breeds hatred.

The recent shooting of a Republican politician, in my opinion, is caused by the hatred that has been brewing in our country.

I listen to the current president crying like a baby — why is everyone always picking on me? He can’t understand the hatred toward himself.

Any reasonable person who listened to this guy’s rhetoric during his campaign knows the hatred that came from his mouth. He was elected because of hatred.

Conservative radio spews its hatred on a daily basis. One of the president’s sons recently said on conservative radio he believes Democrats are not human.

I would ask, what kind of hateful conversation goes on around the president’s family dinner table?

Back in the 1960s, I seem to recall a statement by Communist Russia, “We will destroy you from within.”

Why would Russia interfere with our election? In my opinion, they see the hatred that has been festering in our country over the last 25 years, and they love it.

Yes, we are being destroyed from within. Is there an answer to the pure hatred that festers amongst the American people? Who knows?

Al Montanaro