Blair funds dwindle, I say it’s a swindle

Every year we get the same sob story about how much money the county needs to fund its underfunded pension plan.

The only reason it is underfunded is because the commissioners just keep giving more for pensions.

Everyone, except our commissioners, knows that you don’t spend money you don’t have and the commissioners don’t mind raising taxes to cover their stupidity.

They just keep draining and draining to do things like finding more courthouse problems, most of which could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance.

It is easier to spend money from the sale of Valley View or raise taxes.

Even with the $2.7 million extra in taxes from the reassessment, they still can’t make ends meet.

I live on Social Security and a small pension. My pension was frozen when the company I worked for could not afford to pay more. Why can’t the county employees’ pension be frozen until such time it can afford more? No, it is easier to keep taking more taxes to feed the commissioners’ appetite.

One way to cut expenses would be to do away with the commissioners and order a box of Bobble Head look-alikes.

Lenny Metz