Affordable Care Act has many problems

The writer of a June 30 letter, “Republicans are not working for all of us,” is one of many who feel this way. He and the others are wrong.

There is not enough room here to list everything that was wrong with the Affordable Care Act. They all should have read the ACA before commenting. It is not affordable, nor does it care. It is a sad act. In it are almost 20 mandated taxes that affect mostly the middle-class taxpayer, like me.

It affects my cost for health care and prescriptions. It affects what type of insurance I am forced to buy. It also has taxes on certain medical devices. All businesses, especially small ones, were clobbered by this. It affects the economy because people lost their jobs or had hours cut back, and businesses are hesitant to hire.

It is imploding on its own. I feel the Democrats were really hoping to make this a single-payer system, but fortunately, they lost control. The Republicans, for the last seven years, have voted to repeal this countless times with no plan to replace it. Shame on them and the Democrats.

But people keep voting the same people back in. What is the definition of insanity?

I will finish with this. Nothing in this country was ever meant to be an entitlement. Your only right is the pursuit of happiness. We are a country of law. I pay enough taxes, federal, state and local, and property. When I feel I pay too much, I will relocate to a more tax-friendly climate. I am not the only one who feels this way.

Jim Moore