POWs should be treated much better

America’s involvement in World War II, Korea and Vietnam produced tens of thousands of POWs. Unless you were a POW, no one can know the pain, suffering, indignation and death they faced.

After these wars ended, too many were left to die in Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Every president and member of Congress to present time knew America abandoned, forgot and ignored these left behind POWs.

No words can tell how they felt when they realized the America they fought for turned its back on them — knowing they were never going home.

Now we have a president who speaks of POWs as if they were nothing, not even Americans.

He said at one point, “I don’t like people who were captured, I like people who were not captured.”

This coming from a gutless wonder who would not last 30 seconds as a POW.

I have no problem with vets voting for Trump. My problem is why none confronted Trump about the horrible thing he said about POWs. Have we become so callous that POWs are just not worth defending?

In the military, we heard words like brothers, no man left behind, loyalty, honor, duty, country. Do these words not mean anything concerning POWs?

When Trump says “I love the veterans,” it’s a lie. He will never apologize for his disgusting remark, because he does not care about POWs, their memories or their families.

Anyone interested on how the U.S. thought of POWs, read the senate report: An Examination of U.S. Policy Toward POW/MIA’s May 23, 1991.

It should make you ill.

Dennis C. Shore