Paterno’s memory conveniently selective

The Joe Paterno family, through its spokesperson Jay Paterno, wants loyal PSU fans to believe that Joe Paterno knew nothing about his assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s proclivity for boys.

Also, fans were asked to believe that Paterno never knew sexual abuse of boys existed.

This contention has been made, despite Paterno:

n Constantly quoting obscure passages of Greek and Roman literature during his press conferences.

n Remembering nearly every visit to a recruit’s home and remembering nearly every meal that was served to him during recruiting visits.

n Remembering nearly every high school coach he visited in the recruiting process.

n Remembering every slight against him and PSU football by a sports writer or an opposing coach.

n Continuing to obfuscate any negative news report about his players’ run-ins with the law.

n Controlling and micro-managing the PSU football program to the degree of hand picking everyone involved, from coaches to support personnel, involved with the program.

I agree with the judge’s comments that Joe Paterno must have known more than he said he did.

Byron Ferg