Make driver licenses available earlier

The original driving age for teens starts at age 16.

Then once you turn 16, you get a paper test. If you pass, you get a permit for six months. After six months of your permit, you take another test.

I think we need to change this rule.

I believe this rule needs to be changed so that teens would be able to drive themselves around. I am a very busy teen, and I have two other siblings, so it is difficult for my parents to pick us all up on time.

If this rule gets changed, teens would be able to take the paper test six months after they turn 15. If they then pass the test, they would be able to receive a permit.

After another six months they turn 16 and should be able to take the other test.

Once you pass the second test you could be able to drive.

These are a few reasons on why you should be able to drive at a younger age.

Julianna Kratzer


(The writer is a student in the Altoona Area School District.)