Islam in need of reformation

The recent wave of terrorist attacks in London have been nothing short of barbaric, and these attacks will be visited upon the United States at a greater pace if a travel ban on several countries is not instituted.

The myth that radical Islam is just a tiny minority of the entire Muslim community is simply not accurate. Noting there is not a clear distinction between a religious zealot and a terrorist, terrorists draw their support from the zealots.

Consider the following:

In 2009 the Pew Research Center estimated a total of 1.6 billion Muslims residing in 49 countries. It’s a fair assumption this number has increased since 2009.

Of these 49 countries 11 — Nigeria, Iran, Turkey (our supposed ally); Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh — all believe, to one degree or another, Sharia law should be implemented.

These same countries also believe, ranging from a low end of 15 percent to the high end of 100 percent, the honor killing of women is acceptable.

Given these countries are all located in the Middle East, an examination of the numbers of Muslims in the West is warranted.

In France, there are 1.6 million Muslims, while Britain has 2.2 million and the United States 2.6 million.

While the numbers of approval of this savagery is not as high as in the 11 countries mentioned earlier, the mere fact there is any endorsement to this barbaric behavior is striking.

Overall, of the total 1.6 billion Muslims in 2009, and asking questions regarding specific behavior and beliefs, nearly 6.8 million accept and endorse the ruthless, brutal and unchecked behavior of these savages.

Historically, religions have experienced a reformation and rightfully so. It is time the “peaceful” religion of Islam experience a transformation so as to live up to its claims of a peaceful religion.

Ramming airplanes into buildings, beheading journalists, bombing venues where the most innocent among us gather and mutilating female genitalia just isn’t sending the message of peace that the Islamic adherents wish to achieve.

Steven E. Lloyd