Gov’t shouldn’t touch our Social Security

I think we should repeal the tax hike that President Bill Clinton put on our Social Security back in 1993.

Why do they have to dig into our Social Security with their long fingers every time they think they can and it’s okay?

That money does not belong to them.

We the taxpayers worked hard and paid into our Social Security so that when we retire, that money will be there to help us to try and live out our last days of life. The IOUs they claim they put back in the Social Security never will be paid back, at least by Congress.

We the taxpayers will have to keep paying higher taxes in some way, in order to pay all the money that they stole from us.

They are paid huge paychecks, and everything that is paid for them by our tax money is not fair. We pay for our own cars, gasoline, clothes, food, etc. They have elaborate meals and all the drinks they wish at meetings.

We are lucky if we can get a $1 hamburger and a glass of water and ask for lemon to flavor it.

Or buy a cheap meal with a coupon and split it in half because we can’t afford to eat the whole meal ourselves.

We got such a big raise this year. Ha. I got $2.50 a month more. That does not even buy a gallon of gas one time a day. Our government is or was so corrupt. Let’s pray that this is going to change.

Please leave our Social Security alone.

Think about the people that worked so hard for this money, and many of our bodies can’t work past these years anymore. God bless the older people that are still working because of the low Social Security checks they get.

The greedy politicians that are old as dirt are still in Congress. They need to retire and let the younger politicians in Congress, as they can help change all this.

Some of them, not all, may have grown up in families that had to work hard and did not have the simple, easy life to get where they are today.

JoAnn Patterson