Forefathers would hate current representation

Let me begin with our distinguished senators on the panel and what hypocrites they truly are.

Every last one of them complimented James Comey on his honesty and integrity.

Here’s a man who every Republican wanted fired after listing all of Hillary Clinton’s improprieties and recommending no prosecution, which truly is not his decision.

Here’s a man that every Democrat wanted fired when he announced that he was reopening the Clinton email probe.

On top of all that, Comey has no idea why he lost his job and no one on the panel had the integrity to tell him why.

Our representation in Washington is not only embarrassing to the American people, but to any country that would want to imitate our way of government.

In conclusion, our forefathers that gave their lives and possessions up to give us a better America, would be disgusted and disgraced with our current representation.

A.G. Lascoli