Eagle Scout project admirable undertaking

I have recently been walking for exercise around Ruskin Drive, Baker School vicinity.

There was a man and two young boys painting the fire hydrants in the area. I found out by talking to the adult with them that the one boy (his son) is doing this project, in part, to get his Eagle Scout award.

I wanted to note publicly that this is a great activity sponsored by the Boy Scouts and that beautification of the area is greatly appreciated.

Civic activities have always been an area that the scouts (Girl Scouts, too) excel in, and I think they deserve kudos galore. It should be noted, and I appreciate it that an Eagle Scout has nearly completed a project of the Kennedy bust in Tuckahoe Park.

He is apparently awaiting the return of the head from being refurbished. I also note that the father of the striving Eagle Scout was there supervising.

What a great father-child activity to guide youngsters in these activities which prepares them for roles in adulthood and helps them identify with positive constructive adult behaviors.

John D. Grove