Climate change ‘is not age-neutral matter’

I write this letter before our great and wonderful president has informed us if he will pull our country out of the Paris Climate Accord.

It’s a heck of a situation we’re in when a comprehensively disturbed human can exercise power to vastly increase the dangerous, unwanted outcomes of planetary climate change.

Climate change is not an age-neutral matter.

If our president continues to be wrong in assessing what is happening and the magnitude of danger, his own life to its end will be affected very little, if at all.

Roughly speaking, people age 60 years or greater are the last humans who will not experience significant, rapidly worsening existence caused by powerful, unwanted planetary climate change.

Not pulling out of the Paris Accord is the least action our country can take at this moment in pursuit of a best possible future for current and future children.

So, let us resist and alter anything that contributes to unwanted, human-caused climate change.

And, let us empower the young with accurate information about their possible futures.

Make knowledgeable and empower those who will be affected.

Don’t credit the contrary utterances of humans who not only do not use reasoning supported by scientific information, but are too old to be impacted negatively by believing in error.

Fair is fair.

Cast in statistical terms, the correlation co-efficient between age and level of disturbance experienced during life because of continuing climate change is -1.

This remarkable reality besets humanity in such a form for perhaps the first time.

History has its eyes on us.

Maxwell Hunter