Cambria County needs transparency

Can anyone out there tell me why our elected Cambria County commissioners are fighting in court an order by the Office of Open Records to not release information from the pass-through grant they give the Child Development Corporation on salaries?

Am I the only one — I doubt it — who wants to know why our taxpaying money is spent the way that it is? Is it a crime to know why in a free society where our money goes and what it is spent on?

I don’t think so, but our commissioners seem to be putting up nothing but blockages to this.

I find it sad that our commissioners would do such a thing. After all, they are supposedly our elected leaders, which means they are here to serve us, to serve the citizens that elect them.

Well, they are not serving a number of citizens I know who want them to be honest, sincere, straightforward and transparent about where our money is going.

I am hoping many of you would be outraged like me and demand our elected leaders serve their purpose by telling us, the tax-paying citizens, where our money goes, how it is spent and why it is spent.

We should have accountability of our elected leaders. This is an example of where our leaders need to step up to the plate, be honest and transparent.

So if you feel like I do, please join me on June 20 at 9 a.m. in Judge Bernstein’s court room in letting them know it is time that they stand up and be the leaders we elected, ones that are honest, sincere and tell us where our tax-paying money

is going and how it is being spent.

John DeBartola