Americans need to be on same side

In American politics today, there are two sides, and our country can only survive if the right side prevails.

No, I do not mean the left and the right. For in fact, all too many cases, those on the right and left are really on the same side, the side of those who believe that our country would be a better place if their opponents did not exist.

So far, they have refrained from attempting to eliminate their opponents, not because they think it would be wrong, but because they think it’s tactically unwise at the present time. But of course, tactics that are unwise at one time can become practical later.

Most members of Congress and virtually all opinion columnists, talk-show hosts and political activists of the right and left are on this side, the side of those who are taking our country down the path to civil war.

If you have any doubt about this, listen to the way they talk or read what they write about their opponents. On the other side are those who may have political opinions, but who recognize that hate is the greatest danger facing this country, and, indeed, this world.

Whose side are you on?

Daniel DiLeo