School uniforms would help AASD

Many schools have school uniforms to stop bullying throughout the school.

I believe that Altoona Area School District should follow that rule. With uniforms, a lot less kids would be bullied because kids can’t pick on them depending on if they have money or are on welfare.

The bullying rate would go down a lot in numbers compared to now. Uniforms are also a good idea for kids because instead of waking up super early in the morning to find the perfect outfit, kids can get more rest because they’ll already know what they are wearing.

They can also can get a good balanced breakfast. That would be perfect on days they have big tests/standardized tests, like for example the PSSAs or Keystones.

Getting more sleep will allow kids to get good grades on tests, quizzes, and classwork instead of failing everything, like some do today.

Uniforms would only be worn grades seventh through 12th, so basically the secondary schools not elementary. Therefore, uniforms will be very beneficial to the Altoona Area School District and all the kids in grades seven through 12.

Rachel Palmerine


(The writer is a student in the Altoona Area School District.)