Sadly, local diocese claims another victim

Corey Joseph Leech of Johnstown, only 31 years of age, was the latest victim at the hands of the diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.

Leech was laid to rest last week. I ask your readers to look up his obit.

He is the third victim I know of to die from our diocese in less than a year.

We want to move on? Well look how hard he struggled to put his past behind him. How well did our Christian outreach work for him?

Another one of our children is dead, and many more suffer.

We are to blame.

Our diocese will slowly die until we purge our priesthood of priests who have broken their vows to us and to God.

The word of God must arrive in our hearts, but the people still won’t hold the diocese accountable.

Again, I ask what is the statue of limitations for murder, because these children had their lives taken from them.

How many must die until we open our eyes and our hearts and say “Enough?”

George A. Foster